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看到这8.8的评分并不意外,很少看这类电影的我看到最后居然哭的稀里哗啦,“惨目忍睹的”。。。 看到父亲对他说的这两段话,内心无以名状。 “We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster that we go bankrupt by the age of 30 and have less to offer each time we start with someone new. But to make yourself feel nothing, so as not to feel anything. What a waste. " "Just remember, our hearts and our bodies are given to us only once and before you know it, your heart's worn out. And as for your body, there comes a point where no one looks at it. Much less wants to come near it. Right now, there's sorrow, pain, don't kill it. And with it, the joy you felt." 美好而简单,满屏的稚嫩和澄澈。 Timothée Chalamet,nomination足以证明你的表现有多好,你赋予电影的生命和意大利阳光明媚的夏天一样璀璨。从指尖到眼神,通通在线。Timothée 和Saoirse Una Ronan 无疑是这两年最值得期待的新生力量,她们纯净洒脱,真挚简单。希望他们不要被荼毒才好。 最后一个镜头,对着火炉,不知道为什么让我想起了另一部电影“李米的猜想”,同样的主人公的大特写,同样的无奈,不同的泪水。



Luca Guadagnino:我认为总统是一个痛苦的人,他一直在考虑自己的事业,他没有诗意的希望看到,无论你的性别是什么,他都是不偏不倚,能够爱的。所以我认为,也许这是一部政治电影,这是一种不应该成为这位总统的邀请。可能应该把它放在生物中。

MOVIEMOVESME: To the actors, what is the biggest thing that you learned from each other during the filming?

Armie Hammer: Stop me if you want to. Timmy has such a rich and beautiful almost complicated inner life that is so vibrant and so full and he’s able to keep it just under the surface in such a beautiful way where … it almost feels like while some things he is aware of as we all are, it’s almost like he’s just not aware of some things. And that openness and honesty is really, it’s great. I feel like maybe sometimes the tendency might be to try to guard yourself or protect yourself or hide. And I think watching Tim live in the scenes and watching it affect him, it was almost like an acting exercise.

Timothée Chalamet: Ah, man.

Armie Hammer:Just hope my breath was goo.

Timothée Chalamet:  Yeah. I said this before. I feel like what I’ve learned with the great actors I’ve worked with, whether it’s Armie Hammer or Steve Carell or Louis Rabe, those lessons are almost – they’re hard to verbalize. It’s almost like subconscious or something. You take on the habits of other actors or the way I saw Michael Stuhlbarg take notes in this film, or the way I see Armie rehearse a scene before we go to it, those things stay with you. For me as it relates to Armie, the way he carries himself as a man, the way he carries himself as a father, the way he carries himself as a husband, it’s been such a crucial roadmap for me. The cliché of this business is that those road maps aren’t really there and those that are there are negative or devastating in some fashion. And I’m so lucky, you know, I did a film in LA this past year. LA’s never been a place that I feel very close to, but because Armie lives there, I felt like I was welcomed in with open arms and was introduced to a number of friends now that I wouldn’t have without him. And also, like I said, as a husband, again not to put pressure, but there is such love in this marriage between he and Elizabeth and there’s such love between Armie and his daughter, Harper, it’s very inspiring for me. It gives me hope for myself that love, being in love, marriage, these things don’t necessarily have bad or tragic or sterile endings; that these things can blossom beautifully the way it does in “Call Me By Your Name”.

Luca Guadagnino: I wanted to say something about Armie as a collaborative director. You can go up. Armie is a great catalyst. He’s like my partner in making sure the movie’s following a lead of optimism and concentration and generosity, I think. Not to take anything off of you my love, but it’s just that I found that partnership in making the movie with Armie, apart from the rest of which is him acting as Elio.


Armie Hammer:如果你想要阻止我。蒂米拥有如此丰富而美丽的复杂内在生活,如此充满活力,充满活力,他能够以如此美丽的方式将它保持在表面之下......几乎感觉到他在意识到某些事情的同时,因为我们都是,这几乎就像他只是没有意识到一些事情。这种开放和诚实是真的,这很好。我觉得有时候,倾向可能是设法保护自己或保护自己或隐藏。我觉得看蒂姆活在场景中,看着它影响着他,这几乎就像演技一样。


Armie Hammer: 只希望我的呼吸是咕。。

TimothéeChalamet:是的。我之前说过。我感觉就像我与我合作过的伟大演员学到的一样,无论是Armie Hammer还是Steve Carell还是Louis Rabe,这些课程都差不多 - 他们很难用语言表达。它几乎就像是潜意识或其他东西。你接受其他演员的习惯,或者我看到Michael Stuhlbarg在这部电影中记录的方式,或者我看到Armie在进场前排练一个场景的方式,那些东西就在你身边。对我来说,因为它涉及到阿米,他把自己作为一个男人的方式,他把自己当作父亲的方式,他把自己当作丈夫的方式,对我来说这是一个非常重要的路线图。这项业务的陈词滥调是,那些路线图并不是真的存在,那些在某些方面是负面的或破坏性的。我很幸运,你知道,我在过去一年在洛杉矶拍过一部电影。洛杉矶从来不是一个我觉得非常接近的地方,但是因为阿米住在那里,我感觉自己像张开双臂受到欢迎,现在已经被介绍给一些朋友,现在我不会没有他。还有,就像我说的那样,作为一个丈夫,再一次不要施加压力,但是他和伊丽莎白之间的这种婚姻存在着这样的爱,阿米和他的女儿哈珀之间有这样的爱,这对我来说非常鼓舞人心。它给了我希望,爱情,恋爱,婚姻,这些东西不一定有坏的或悲惨的或无菌的结局; 这些东西可以像在“通过你的名字致电我”中那样开花。作为一个丈夫,再次不要施加压力,但是他和伊丽莎白之间的这种婚姻存在着这样的爱,而且阿米和他的女儿哈珀之间有这样的爱,这对我来说非常鼓舞人心。它给了我希望,爱情,恋爱,婚姻,这些东西不一定有坏的或悲惨的或无菌的结局; 这些东西可以像在“通过你的名字致电我”中那样开花。作为一个丈夫,再次不要施加压力,但是他和伊丽莎白之间的这种婚姻存在着这样的爱,而且阿米和他的女儿哈珀之间有这样的爱,这对我来说非常鼓舞人心。它给了我希望,爱情,恋爱,婚姻,这些东西不一定有坏的或悲惨的或无菌的结局; 这些东西可以像在“通过你的名字致电我”中那样开花。

Luca Guadagnino:我想谈谈Armie作为合作总监。你可以走了。Armie是一个很棒的催化剂。我想,他就像我的合作伙伴一样,确保电影的乐观主义和专注和慷慨。不要把我的爱带走任何东西,但是我只是发现了与Armie合作拍电影,除此之外就是他扮演Elio。

MOVIEMOVESME:  So I wonder, as you were trying to learn about your characters – Elio or Oliver – what do you think they found in each other that they were so fond of? What made them fall in love with each other?

Armie Hammer: Go ahead, Timmy.

Timothée Chalamet: I think it’s … I think it would be almost indescribable. I don’t think it’s necessarily a shared activity or a shared passion, not that those are the requisites of love, but sometimes they are. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case here. Correct me if anything I’m saying is not of vision, but I think it’s almost more organic. It just flowers. One of my favorite part of Andre Aciman’s book, and we did it in the film too, is that Elio’s reaction to Oliver at first is that he’s actually a little put off and it’s like who’s this guy who’s walking around saying later. And from that place it lands in a romantic spot, but it doesn’t begin there. So, again it would almost be difficult to say what it was that brought them together.

MOVIEMOVESME:所以我想知道,当你试图了解你的角色 - Elio或者Oliver时 - 你认为他们在对方发现他们喜欢什么?是什么让他们彼此坠入爱河?

Armie Hammer:继续吧,Timmy。

TimothéeChalamet:我认为这是...我认为这几乎是无法形容的。我认为这不一定是共同的活动或共同的激情,也不是这些是爱的必要条件,但有时候是这样。我认为这不一定是这种情况。如果我所说的任何东西都不具有远见,请纠正我,但我认为它几乎更有机。它只是鲜花。Andre Aciman的书中我最喜欢的部分之一,我们在电影中也是这样做的,Elio对Oliver的反应起初是因为他实际上有点拖延,就好像这个人走到哪里说的那样。从那个地方它落在一个浪漫的地方,但它并不从那里开始。因此,再次说出将它们聚集在一起的内容几乎是难以置信的。

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Armie Hammer as Oliver and Timothée Chalamet as Elio. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.  

MOVIEMOVESME: Mr. Guadagnino, could you tell a bit about your collaboration with James Ivory? Did you approach him or how did the collaboration started?

Luca Guadagnino: I’ve known James for many years and we’re friends before being collaborators and it was a chance of life. Like he was coming to see me in Crema many times and we both were involved into this movie as producers and then one day because the movie wasn’t happening without directors, we said why don’t we try to imagine the way we would do it and it was like snapping peas at the kitchen table that lead us to writing this great in really almost a moonlighting fashion. It wasn’t a job it was the chance to be together in doing it. I grew up really worshiping artists in my life. I come from a simple family in Palermo, but I always dreamt of meeting the artists I adored and I admired and one of the reasons why every time I complain with something for myself about my life I have to be severe with myself and tell my self you are luck because you have the chance and the luck to have fulfilled your adolescent dreams of meeting the artists you love. And even to dram making things together, so it’s great, it’s a privilege.

MOVIEMOVESME:Guadagnino先生,你能否介绍一下你与James Ivory的合作?你有没有接近他或合作是如何开始的?

Luca Guadagnino:我认识詹姆斯多年,在成为合作者之前我们是朋友,这是一个生活的机会。就像他在克雷玛多次见到我一样,我们两人都以制片人的身份参与了这部电影,然后有一天,因为这部电影不是没有导演的情况下发生的,我们说为什么我们不试图想象我们会怎么做它就像在厨房餐桌上掰豌豆,这导致我们真的几乎是以一种月光的方式来写这篇文章。这不是一份工作,而是有机会在一起工作。我成长的时候真的很崇拜艺术家。我来自巴勒莫一个简单的家庭,但我总是梦想见到我崇拜的艺术家,我很钦佩的原因之一,为什么每次我为自己抱怨我的生活时,我必须对自己感到严峻,告诉我自己你是幸运的,因为你有机会,幸运地实现了你满足你所爱的艺术家的青春梦想。甚至为了共同努力,这很棒,这是一种特权。

MOVIEMOVESME: How important is the period to this story? Not just to the acceptability of the relationship, but also in regards to the society.

Luca Guadagnino: But I don’t think this is a movie in which we are putting a light on acceptability or forbidden love. I think that any movie lives in the eyes of who watch the movie and in their way of watching the film, so I don’t want to censorship anyone perspective, but from my perspective, this is not a movie about forbidden love at all. First of all, I happen to be a person who enjoy the physical company of a man in my personal life. And so there is nothing forbidden about that to me and so it’s the most normal and accessible and suiting thing I can happen to do in my intimacy. So it’s foreign to me to love or to make love to a man it’s forbidden. And at the same time, I don’t think that Elio and Oliver will live in the space in which they are living, hiding. If they put themselves into an alley instead of putting themselves in front of a large group of people staring at them is because they save very much the moment of their intimacy. So the idea of this film and I would say also the idea of Asimov’s book doesn’t lie in the cannon of the forbidden love and the constrictions of society.


卢卡 Guadagnino:但我不认为这是一部我们正在关注可接受性或禁止爱的电影。我认为任何电影都在观看电影和观看电影的人眼中,所以我不想审查任何人的观点,但从我的角度来看,这不是一部关于禁止爱情的电影。首先,我碰巧是一个喜欢我个人生活中男人的实体公司的人。所以对我来说没有任何禁止,所以这是我亲密接触时最常见,最方便和最适合的事情。所以对于我来说,爱或禁止一个男人做爱是很陌生的。同时,我不认为埃利奥和奥利弗会住在他们所居住的空间里,躲藏起来。如果他们把自己变成一条巷子,而不是把自己放在一群盯着他们的人面前,那是因为他们非常节省他们亲密的时刻。所以这部电影的想法和我也会说阿西莫夫的书的观点并不在于禁止恋爱的大炮和社会的束缚。

MOVIEMOVESME: How did you choose the actors or how did you come on board because the chemistry is so obvious…

Luca Guadagnino: Because I had great chemistry with them. I’m ignorant enough to think that if I have great chemistry they will have great chemistry between them. But I wasn’t jealous of their chemistry.


Luca Guadagnino:因为我对他们有很好的化学反应。我没有足够的认识,如果我有很好的化学反应,他们之间会有很好的化学反应。但我并不嫉妒他们的化学反应。

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Director Luca Guadagnino. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.  

MOVIEMOVESME: I was wondering, people refer to it as the gay love story movie. Do you wish people would take away that tag and see it as a summer love story? I love that Luca said in the press conference – it might be a bisexual movie perhaps. And is that important in the time where in America the president is going backwards, especially in these terms of gender identity, sexuality, so forth?

Luca Guadagnino: I think the president is a bitter person who is thinking of his own business all the time and he doesn’t have the poetic hope to see how beautiful is it to be unbiased and able to love no matter what is your gender. So I think in this way, maybe this is a political movie and it’s a sort of invitation not to be like this president. Probably should put that in the bio.



有一个原因让我在写关于Luca Guadagnino的“用你的名字呼叫我”之前提醒你Hiller的电影。我可以在这两部电影中找到几种相似之处:都是基于小说; 都有令人难忘的配乐和灿烂的故事情节; 两部电影的无瑕表演巧妙地塑造了两个人之间的关系。一旦你在屏幕上观看了Oliver和Elio(由Armie Hammer和TimothéeChalamet所描绘),我相信你会希望所有的爱情故事都以同样不妥协的方式被告知。


  • 现在或过去。感谢“通过你的名字呼叫我”以这种卑微的方式捕捉它。

在多伦多国际电影节期间,我非常高兴地出席了与Luca Guadagnino--“Call Me By Your Name”的导演和演员Armie Hammer和TimothéeChalamet的圆桌采访。我有机会提出问题,让我更好地了解一年中最神奇和最神奇的电影幕后故事。

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Timothée Chalamet as Elio and Armie Hammer as Oliver. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics.  

MOVIEMOVESME:  My first question is to you, Me. Guadagnino. Luca. What has inspired you to adopt André Aciman’s novel into a film?

Luca Guadagnino: I think the reason of making this movie for me was really and literally to making with the people I decided to make it. And not because the book didn’t inspire me but my approach to the book was the one from perspective of producer. And I was a producer until I became a director, but I was a producer for many years. So I never had this kind of tension to all the book, like I want to tell this story. And then when thing collided together, and they said, do you want to do this movie and I said yes if I can do it with Timothée Chalamet and Arnie and Michel Stoolberg and the rest of the cast. So it was about for me the possibility of being with them.


Luca Guadagnino:我认为为我制作这部电影的原因实际上是和我决定制作的人打交道。并不是因为这本书没有启发我,而是我对这本书的看法是从生产者的角度来看。直到我成为导演之前,我一直是制片人,但我多年来一直是制作人。所以我从来没有对这本书感到紧张,就像我想讲这个故事一样。然后当事情相互碰撞,他们说,你想不想拍这部电影,我说是的,如果我可以和TimothéeChalamet,Arnie和Michel Stoolberg以及其他演员合作。所以我想要和他们在一起的可能性。

MOVIEMOVESME: And, Timothée, what kind of work you both needed to do in order to maintain that great chemistry which turned into one of the best and greatest love story?

Timothée Chalamet: Thank you. There was a massive amount of vulnerability and openness and exposing yourself and emotions and all of that. There was such a requisite amount of that that was needed to make this movie work, that it honestly wouldn’t have worked if we didn’t have the immense feeling of safety and protection on set with each other, with Luca, with the crew with everybody around. There was never anything happening that felt unsafe or felt like it violated our trust of, I mean the entire process felt like we were not only in the best hands that we could possibly be in, but that we were also taken care of and protected in such a way that not only did we feel comfortable in sort of opening ourselves up and exposing that, but I mean, honestly we wanted to.



MOVIEMOVESME: How did the shootings go? How was it to shoot a film in Italy?

Timothée Chalamet: The opportunity to shoot in Italy, which on another project would be the biggest reason to do something, but on this was almost the smallest, because above that was the opportunity to work with Luca and because I had seen “I Am Love“ before I even got the chance to meet with him. And then after being attached to “A Bigger Splash” came out during that period, the opportunity to work with Armie Hammer, who people of my generation, the social network, that’s a really formative film Autzman Swartz material that holds such a special place in so many people’s hearts and James Ivory’s screenplay and getting to work with all of these different facets. And trusting Luca from films past incorporate just the coolest and most innovative ideas in people.

It wasn’t a surprise, and yet it was an awesome surprise when he said that Sufjan Stevens had made music for the film because Sufjan, again for people my age – I guess people any age – he’s a brilliant, brilliant musician. So to have his music for the film and have it while I was shooting during the last scene, we had it playing while we did it, it was challenging, and yet it all went very smoothly.


TimothéeChalamet:在意大利拍摄的机会是另一个项目的最大理由,但在这方面几乎是最小的,因为上面是与卢卡合作的机会,因为我曾看过“我很爱“在我还没有机会与他见面之前。然后在那个时期出现“更大的飞溅”后,与Armie Hammer一起工作的机会,我的这一代人,社交网络,这是一个真正的成型电影Autzman Swartz材料,在这样一个特殊的地方许多人的心和James Ivory的剧本,并开始与所有这些不同的方面合作。从过去的电影中相信卢卡将最酷和最具创意的想法融入人们的视野中。

这并不令人意外,但当他说Sufjan Stevens为这部电影制作音乐时,这真是一个惊人的惊喜,因为Sufjan对我这个年龄段的人来说也是如此

  • 我猜他们是任何年龄的人 - 他是一位出色的,出色的音乐家。因此,当我在最后一幕中拍摄时,为他的音乐制作音乐,并在拍摄时播放了它,我们在播放时播放了它的音乐,这非常具有挑战性,但一切都很顺利。

MOVIEMOVESME: People often ask questions about filming the love scenes. I wonder how it feels the moment when the director calls “cut”? How the two of you reacted?

Armie Hammer:We’d keep going.


Armie Hammer: 我们继续。

MOVIEMOVESME: You’d keep going? I was thinking there’d be an answer like that in there somewhere, but I can imagine it’s a complicated thing. You must have a fairly loose relationship on set with somebody that you have to pretend to have a deep relationship with.

Armie Hammer:There’s a lot of intimacy in this movie, but the intimacy that seemed harder or more challenging wasn’t the physically intimate stuff, it was the emotionally intimate stuff. It was being face to face with someone on camera with a camera extremely close and feeling like you are in a place where you can be vulnerable, and you can … you know, it’s funny, if you’re making a movie and you have an outside perspective of it, it probably looks completely ridiculous. Everything that’s going on, people rushing around, people this and that, people yelling out terms you have not idea what they’re saying, what they actually mean.

This was an experience where I remember when we had intimate scenes between us, whether they be in bed or wherever, the thing that really was a big moment for me was we finished one of the takes and Luca called cut and I remember looking around, because I wasn’t wearing any clothes, and I remember looking around and sort of feeling exposed. And I looked over at the sound guy and he was just holding the boom like usual and then I looked over and the script supervisor had her book like usual and the guy at the camera was doing everything like usual and the focus boy was doing everything like usual and it hit me this is doing our job. This is the same as that scene, that is the same as that scene, let’s do it again. And then-Yeah. But more than that it was like I’m so happy this is all part of this beautiful experience that we’re doing. I remember at one point we finished shooting a scene and someone was like do you want a robe and I was like no, I’m okay. And they were like are you sure? Yeah, I’m okay. You know you just … any fear, anything that was built up by it was all in my head and as soon as we started it all went and away and just became this beautiful, natural part of it.

Armie Hammer: 这部电影里有很多亲密的,但似乎更难或更具挑战性的亲密不是亲密的东西,它是情感上亲密的东西。这是与相机上的某个人面对面,相机非常接近,感觉就像你处在一个容易受到伤害的地方,而且你可以......你知道,这很有趣,如果你正在拍电影,而且你有一个它的外部视角,它可能看起来完全荒谬。发生的一切,人们奔忙,人们这样那样,人们大吼大叫你不知道他们在说什么,他们实际上的意思。